DBA would like to take the opportunity to remind its members of the Heat Policy in the DBA By-Laws.


9.1 The Extreme Heat policy will come into force when the temperature on any court reaches 35C.

9.2 On-court temperature is to be checked hourly whilst the stadium is in use and recorded by the Stadium Supervisor. Thermometers are located on courts which comply with Basketball Victoria’s Participants Protection By-Laws for monitoring the temperature on courts inside the stadium when the weather is hot. If the court temperature reaches 35C the modified timing rules and heat policy must be implemented.

Thermometers will be located as follows:

• Court 1 – South Wall – Servicing courts 1,2 & 3 • Court 2 – West Wall – Servicing courts 4,5,6 & 7 • Court 9 – West Wall – Servicing courts 8,9 & 10

9.3 Under the Extreme Heat Policy, the following modified timing rules will be implemented:

• Junior game halves will be shortened to 15 minutes; Senior game halves will be shortened to 18 minutes.
• U8 matches will be shortened to 13-minute halves.
• Half time will be extended to 5 minutes.

• Referees will call a mandatory time out at the 9-minute mark of each half regardless of the number of time outs called by the coaches. The clock must stop for the referee mandatory time outs.

9.4 Players need to ensure that they hydrate regularly before, through and after the game.

9.5 Referees, coaches and their parents must monitor junior players to ensure they drink plenty of fluid and watch for any signs of heat stress.

9.6 If the temperature inside the stadium reaches 40C games will be cancelled.

9.7 If games are abandoned due to extreme heat before the match commences or before half time, the game will be counted as a 2 all draw. If the game is abandoned after half time, the game score stands as the final result.






DBA Heat Policy