Dear Valued Member,

As at 30 June 2023 the initial one- year Stadium User Agreement expired. As of 1st July 2023, DBA have agreed a new four (4) year Stadium User Agreement with South East Leisure Pty. Ltd. (SEL)

SEL’s increase for Peak Hour Court Hire for Domestic Basketball is 25.3%.

DBA have maintained fees for the current Winter Domestic Season, absorbing the increase. However, we will need to increase our fees for the Summer Season.

It is DBA’s intention to maintain Team Registration Fees as they are, therefore, no increase.

Team Sheet Fees, inclusive of the door entry component will rise by an average of just under 7%. The new total fee for each competition is shown below with the current fee for comparison.

DBA is committed to maintaining affordability within it’s means, and will strive to enhance our competitions and participation, and enjoyment of our sport. We look forward to your continued support.


Dale Wood
President & General Manager